CVS 2017

Join us in Savannah, Georgia at CVS 2017 from 7th – 10th May.

Visit booth 230 to claim your organisation’s voucher for a 60% discount on the following Molecular Quality Controls:

Blood-Borne Viruses: HBV Evaluation Panel, HBV Genotype Evaluation Panel, HCV Evaluation Panel, HCV Genotype Evaluation Panel, HIV-1 Evaluation Panel

Respiratory: ADV Medium ‘Q’ Control, ADV Molecular ‘Q’ Panel, INFA Medium ‘Q’ Control, INFB Medium ‘Q’ Control, PINF Medium ‘Q’ Control, Respiratory Evaluation Panel

Transplant: BKV Molecular ‘Q’ Panel, EBV Medium ‘Q’ Control, EBV Molecular ‘Q’ Panel, HSV1 Medium ‘Q’ Control, HSV1 Molecular ‘Q’ Panel, HSV2 Medium ‘Q’ Control, HSV2 Molecular ‘Q’ Panel, JCV Medium ‘Q’ Control, JCV Molecular ‘Q’ Panel

We also invite attendees to have a look at our poster and welcome any questions: ‘Investigation into the application of Droplet Digital PCR to cross-validate and standardise four human Adenovirus types in the absence of higher order standards‘ – Liam Foley, Shubana Kazi, Sadhia Mohammed, Alastair Ricketts, Frank Opdam

Visit booth 230 or contact Nancy Cion, Caterina Netti, or Frank Opdam to arrange a meeting.

CVS 2017

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