HCVRNAEP01-C – HCV Evaluation Panel RUO

Feature Specifications
Viral Type Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
Genotype Types 1b, and 3a
Target Whole Pathogen
Sample NA Target Source Clinical
Matrix Panel Format Plasma, Frozen Liquid
Units of Measurement Log10 IU/ml
Panel Member Target Range Type 1a: 3.66; 1b: 3.57; Type 2b: 3.40; Type 3a: 3.54;

Type 4a: 3.43; Type 5a: 3.86; Type 6a: 3.79

Panel Member Sample Volume 1.2 ml
No. of Panel Members 8
Panel Analysis type Qualitative & Quantitative
Panel Testing Evaluated by commercial, In-house & ‘Real-time’ NAT

HCV Evaluation Panel RUO Instruction Manual (English)

HCV Safety Data Sheet