Qnostics Launches RSV and RV Molecular ‘Q’ Controls

 Glasgow, United Kingdom, 12th August 2014 – Qnostics Ltd. today announced the addition of another 2 target members to its own brand products. The Qnostics ‘Q’ Control range now includes Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV) and Rhinovirus (RV), which brings the number of targets in this range to 14.

“The launch of RSV and RV molecular ‘Q’ controls is another great achievement for Qnostics. We have been concentrating on increasing the number of respiratory targets offered, and the launch of these new products comes just in time for the annual winter flu season” says Gordon Powell, CEO.

“We know that the regulatory landscape is rapidly moving towards the requirement of laboratories to use independent controls to ensure the highest quality standards within their testing facilities are maintained. It is therefore very important that we continue to increase the number of targets offered, in order to make this change as simple and efficient for laboratories as possible.”

Qnostics’ molecular controls are provided in formats which allow laboratories to control all aspects of their assay’s performance. The controls are available through our network of international distributors. For more information please contact Qnostics customer services at +44 141 946 4207. US enquiries should be directed to our US office at (888) 976-6784.


About Qnostics Ltd.

Qnostics is a manufacturer of a variety of own-label and custom manufactured molecular controls.

Qnostics specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of Molecular Controls for use within the standard procedures of today’s molecular laboratory. In addition to product supply, Qnostics Ltd has, since 2003, been a service provider to other IVD, Molecular Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical and CRO organisations. Primary focus for the company is on infectious diseases, including the availability of hundreds of molecular characterised viral, bacterial and fungal targets.

The main manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom is supported by commercial offices in the United Kingdom and United States. These two offices further support a network of international distribution partners. For more information, visit our new website at www.qnostics.com.