Glasgow, United Kingdom, 7th January, 2014 – Qnostics Ltd. serving molecular laboratories, today announced it has launched several new molecular controls for use within the testing procedures for a variety of respiratory and transplant assays.

“The launch of our new molecular controls allows the company to further strengthen its Transplant range of molecular controls as well as allowing the company to expand in to the fast growing respiratory testing market.” said Gordon Powell, CEO, Qnostics Ltd. “These new external independent controls will also help today’s molecular laboratory comply with today’s fast changing regulatory landscape.”

Transplant Molecular Controls – in addition to the already available molecular controls (JCV, BKV, EBV & HHV6) Qnostics have added HSV1, HSV2, VZV, CMV, & ADV to their portfolio of products.

Respiratory Molecular Controls – Molecular controls for INF-A, INF-B, PARAINF & ADV have been launched with more controls planned for launch later in 2014 to supplement the range.

Each of these controls is provided in a variety of different formats to allow laboratories to control all aspects of their assay’s performance.

The controls are available through our network of international distributors. For more information please contact Qnostic’s customer services at +44 141 946 4207 or, US enquiries should be directed to our US office at (888) 976-6784

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